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Grace C. Pattugalan

Grace worked with and studied under Jaguang Sunim at the Sixth Patriarch Zen Center. She has been certified as an Energy Analysis practitioner, and, having taken over Healing the Source, continues to offer Energy Analysis and Relationship Compatibility consultations. She continues to work long distance with Jaguang Sunim in South Korea to further advance her understanding of this system.

Grace holds a four-year Masters of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She is also certified as a Western Herbalist and a Licensed Esthetician. Grace has been certified as a Reiki Master for 9 years, and teaches Reiki and practices Energy Medicine. She currently leads Meditation and teaches Hatha Yoga classes in Berkeley, CA.
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Our Teachers

Master Hyunoong Sunim is the Abbot and Zen Master of the Sixth Patriarch Zen Center. He is currently residing at his temple in Seoul, South Korea, and visits the Hercules center twice yearly. Profits from Energy Analysis, Chinese Herbs, and Healing and Meditation Retreats are used to support the Zen center. To learn more about Master Sunim please go to the Zen center web site www.zenhall.org
Ven. Hyunoong Sunim and Jaguang are the co-founders of the Sixth Patriarch Zen Center. She went to South Korea in 1978 to study Zen Buddhism in Songkwangsa Monastery, and it was here she met Master Sunim. In 1986 she accompanied him to North America and they established their first Zen center. Jaguang has worked with Master Sunim since then as his assistant and translator. She is now fully accredited as an Energy Analysis practitioner, and is the Executive Director of the Sixth Patriarch Zen Center


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